Launching our own home gym equipment website

Launching our own home gym equipment website

Things have been pretty busy since Christmas but with the emergence of Covid-19 we are finally getting a chance to start a new project which we have been thinking about for some time. We have launched our new home gym equipment blog called Mestech. It is actually a great time to do it as with the Covid-19 instructions from the government to self isolate, commercial gyms have had to close and this makes the home gym equipment market that bit more attractive.

Site Platform and Plan:

The website is built on WordPress for ease of use and it will feature gym equipment buying guides, reviews and we also hope to have a user forum where people can use reviews. We have started writing the content ourselves as we are big into fitness here at Hailstorm but eventually if our blog got big enough we would love to have well known fitness persons posting on our blog. This would include home gym workouts as well as nutrition advice and we could even delve into the world of healthy foods and relevant appliances.

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Articles will review various exercise machines and buyer guides on gym equipment like the exericse bike, rowing machine, squat rack, weight bench and anything else we see as relevant to a home gym.

There are a lot of fitness websites around and it is a very competitive market but we feel we can add a more personalized approach to the guide and reviews rather than just listing out features of each machine which is what a lot of websites seem to do.

Content Writing:

We are writing all of the content ourselves but we may have to outsource content as the site grows. Ideally we will have reviews on each piece of exercise equipment as well as having buyer guides written by experienced personal trainers. Maybe we can get some guests posts from these bloggers but that is a bit away yet! Let’s hope everything goes to plan!