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Our First Shopify Store Is Now Live – Gaming Chair Store

This is something we have been working on for quite some time. We put the project on hold as we took a few weeks of holidays just in case the country goes back into Lockdown again! Our big fear is that we will all be in lock down again in winter which is a very grim thought. At least in April and May we were able to get outside and go for walks to break up the day. But I digress!

We have been working on this new website for quite some time and it is designed to sell gaming chairs. The domain name is Housetech and although we are not mad on the name we could not think of anything else that was relevant so we may or may not end up changing this name in the future.

We are hoping this will be a success of course but if not it will be a good learning experience. Using Shopify is pretty easy and it is mostly drag and drop so anyone at all can really create an ecommerce website like this. There are many gaming chairs on the market and we have recently found a good supplier that has a very nice range of the most popular gaming chairs.

These are affordable and are very good quality. We plan to promote these products using Facebook ads and we will start with a small budget of €10.00 per day and scale up from there if we think it looks like it could be a success.

In total it took us about 4 weeks to make the site and that includes writing the content and picking out a theme that we thought was suitable. The theme can be easily changed however and most of the hard work is done even if we changed the design.